Kharkov Interpreter
Irina Vasilenko
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Irina Vasilenko

- Scott Smith (

I visited Kharkov in October of 2007. I can not imagine my visit without Irina. She was absolutely wonderful. She is so much more than just a great Interpreter. She helped me with my shopping, showed me around the city, and helped me evaluate the sincerity of the women on my dates. Her assistance was invaluable. I will definitely use Irina when I come back again!

- Mitch Davidson (

Irina is a Kharkov jewel. Her abilities with translation / interpretation are remarkable, but she is capable of far more than that. In fact, Irina was more personal assistant than interpreter, helping me with dining, entertainment, travel, and all other needs during my stay in Kharkov. I hold her in the highest regard and strongly recommend using her services.

 - Heinz Hamann (

I have used Irina as my interpreter in Ukraine on 3 trips of 3-4 weeks each. She is more than just an interpreter, she is a personal assistant, tour guide, and keeps her clients safe while traveling. She is very professional, always thinks ahead, and takes care of every detail for her clients. She is also a good person! We have become good friends over the last 1-1/2 years. I encourage anyone looking for an interpreter when traveling to Ukraine to use Irina. You will be very pleased with her service, and your trip will be much more rewarding and enriched having her as your interpreter!

 - Detlef Schroeder (

It would have been an extreme mistake not to have chosen Irina. I have stayed four weeks in Kharkov to take some lessons of Russian language. Irina was my teacher and my guide during those four weeks. Whether I can recommend her work? Of course, without any exception. You can trust me, it isn't a easy job to teach an old guy like me in this language. She did a great job. Thank You. Do I speak the Russian language now? No way :=) Four weeks was simply to short for it. I will come back. Promise!

- Thomas Martinson (

I met Irina in Ukraine when I was there on holiday in September 2009. After two days in Kiev I realized that I was totally lost due to the language barrier and the fact that it was difficult to communicate if you can only speak English. I did an internet search for an interpreter and through her website got in contact with Irina Vasilenko. I employed her for my two week stay in Ukraine and she acted as my interpreter and tour guide. I also met some of her family and friends and I was able to see and experience Ukraine with the help of Irina.

- Terry, the USA (

I met Irina through her web-site and eventually used her services when circumstances changed during my recent visit to Kharkov. Not only is she an excellent interpreter, she is also an all-around professional provider of services for the tourist. Irina is extremely knowledgeable of her city, country and culture and she is adept at virtually everything pertaining to Ukraine.

In addition to the aforementioned, I was able to take advantage of her services which included guiding me throughout her city, assisting me with shopping and taking photographs. She even ordered my favorite pizza and had it delivered to my apartment. I would highly recommend Irina's work to any and all as she is extremely service-oriented; obviously gleaned from the many years having traveled around the world and experiencing many cultures. Her familiarity with foreigners is illustrated in her ability to understand the mindset of clients; listening carefully while meeting their needs, which sets her far above and beyond all competition.

Thank you, Irina for your caring, conscientious and extremely competent services!

- Peter, England (

Irina, you're a marvel. Visiting Ukraine for the first time I was skeptical about the obstacles I'd encounter due to the communication barriers , but Irina was my right arm. As previous testimonials reflect, her abilities go much further than her marvelous language expertise, because her interpreting skills apart, she will be your friend, your guide, your organizer, and a very good listener. It was a pleasure just to have her around...and even when she wasn't, she was in regular contact by phone. There are surely very few better at her job than Irina - Kharkov's hidden gem.